Divorce due to Infidelity The Lessons Children Learn

The troubled atmosphere can be even more unpleasant if the divorce is due to infidelity. Divorce due to Infidelity Divorce due to infidelity is likely to give rise to many bitter feelings between the spouses. Each may blame the other for the failed outcome of the marriage. The atmosphere of the house may be that of constant fighting, bickering, and shouting.

This can have an adverse affect on the fragile minds of the children. Children tend to feel that the troubled atmosphere in the house is because of some mistake on their part and they constantly try to rectify their behaviour in an innocent attempt to save their parents' marriage. Besides the atmosphere of the house during the divorce, what also affects the child is the atmosphere in the house prior to the divorce. Lessons Children Learn From Divorce due to Infidelity Children tend to look up to their parents.

In their formative years, children's parents are their role models. In fact, the values and beliefs that children imbibe from their parents continue to influence them for the rest of their lives. Infidelity affects and changes the couple's relationship and these changes can have a deep-rooted effect on the mind of the child.

When a child sees his mother or father getting physically or emotionally close with someone of the opposite gender, he or she is bound to get confused. This feeling of confusion is bound to give rise to a feeling of possessiveness. The child may not know or even understand the reason for such feelings. If the child is too young and does not even understand relationships yet, he or she may think that it is ok to get emotionally or physically close with someone other than your spouse. Building relationships, be it personal or professional, is the most integral part of life.

Children going through a divorce due to infidelity are most likely to build unsuccessful relationships because they do not know any better. When a parent is having an affair, the parent is more likely to exhibit deceitful behaviour and build excuses to conceal the affair. The child is bound to inculcate this behaviour because he or she looks up to the parent. Infidelity in a relationship, by its very nature, means being selfish. Therefore, when child sees infidelity in his parent's relationship, the child learns to only think about his or her needs and happiness.

The child observes the kind of pain it inflicts on the other partner in the marriage and may think that it acceptable for a person to do so. This selfish behaviour is bound to get reflected in the child's future actions. Impact of Divorce due to Infidelity on Children's Emotional Psyche and Worldview Infidelity can affect the child in more ways than one.

Separation of one's parents can be a hard blow to a child, but seeing your parent cheat the other parent can be disastrous. The child learns how to cheat and lie. This lying and cheating will not only be restricted to relationships but also in the child's professional life. The formative years of a child life build the foundation of how he or she deals with the future.

When the child's formative years are spent in a house where the feelings of another are disregarded to gain personal happiness, he or she will also resort to doing the same thing. In his or her adulthood, personal life will only mean personal gratification. This attitude will prevent him or her from forming meaningful relationships or friendships. Effective problem-solving skills are bound get the child through tough times. However, the problem-solving skills that the child learns from an infidel relationship are that of cheating and escaping a situation.

The child may never learn how to deal or cope up with his or her problems. The only problem-solving approach that a child is likely to adopt to get himself or herself out of the situation is to lie his or her way out of the situation. This is the behaviour that the child may have observed his parent adopting when the parent was having an affair. It is very likely for the child to face trust-related issues. With the constant lying and cheating, the child in his adult life is bound to think that the other person is also lying. He or she may never be able to trust someone completely.

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