Dogs Rescue Singles Tired of the Dating Scene

Are you single and tired of the dating scene? Perhaps you've tried all the big dating sites but didn't find your soul mate. According to Tonja Weimer, one of America's leading dating coaches, the reason many relationships fail is because people settle for less than their soul mate. So if you're not prepared to compromise why not try dating a dog lover? Here are Six Traits That Make Dog Lovers the best soul mate material: 1. Loyal 2.

Honest 3. Sensitive 4. Passionate 5. Kind 6.

Fun loving And this poem let's you know what to expect from your dog and quite possibly your dog loving mate. You come home. The dog throws itself at you. "Where have you been? You've been so long. I love you, love you, love you. What's in the bag? Something for me? Oh, let me lick your ear.

Oh, let me chew your gloves. You're HOME!" Pam Brown b.1928 So is it possible that people who own dogs pick up their traits or are attracted to dogs because they share the same traits? If you know any dog lovers Yourself then you can judge for your self. Let's examine these six traits one by one then decide if you can spot the dog lover by observing them. 1. Loyal Did you ever see a disloyal dog - no way there have been many instances past and present of a dog's dedication to its owner even risking their own lives to save them from drowning, fires, a gunman.

2. Honest With a dog what you see is what you get. Did you ever see a dog pretending to be something it isn't? 3. Sensitive Dogs seem to be able to gauge the mood of their owners and act accordingly - they can play or just be there for you depending on how you feel at any given time. 4. Passionate You come home from a day at the office and your dog ignores you - impossible! What a greeting you get with tail wagging, licking, barking and whining - this is passion with a capital "P" 5.

Kind Why do you think dogs give us presents - like a sock or a stick or a welcome lick - I swear they would gift wrap a present for you if they only had the means to buy one and wrap it up. 6. Fun loving Watch dogs playing with their owners in a park - are they having fun or what? So the message is clear if you're serious about finding your soul mate look no further than a dog lover - unless of course you don't like dogs!.

Born and brought up in Scotland but now living in the Yorkshire Wolds. Derek Collinson now shares Findlay (A Spinone) and Florence and Serena(a Pointer and a cross breed from Limerick Animal Rescue) with his wife Jan. Derek looks forward to welcoming all dog lovers to www.doglover.biz. "All dog lovers are invited to join us here and you don't have to own a dog just love them."

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