Funny Pick Up Lines Exposed

Starting a conversation with an attractive woman can be quite intimidating. She's standing there with her friends and you don't know quite what to say. Unfortunately you decide to follow the advice of your friends and use one of the funny pick up lines they give you. After using this pick up line, she walks away from you in disgust. You know you blew it with her by using some canned conversation starter. The problem with using funny pick up lines is they don't really work.

Instead there are much more natural ways to initiate a conversation with an attractive woman. Instead of trying to use funny pick up lines with women, you should think of unique ways to start talking to a woman. If you can't think of anything to say, here are four different ways you can initiate a conversation without sounding too cheesy or tacky: 1) Situational conversation starter- A great way to approach a woman is when you're in a particular unique environment or have witnessed an unusual event. For instance, if you saw a couple get in a fight and she throws a drink on him, you can approach a woman who saw this event and make a joke about their "close relationship". 2) Complimentary pick up line- While using canned pick up lines will get your nowhere, you can still effectively use a compliment to start a conversation with a woman. But there is one thing to remember when complimenting a woman.

You should always compliment her on something besides her looks. Perhaps it's the way she's dancing or how she dresses. Any compliment which is well thought out and sounds natural can be a great way to start talking to a woman.

3) Just act normally- Going up to a woman and introducing yourself is a great way to initiate a conversation. If you can approach her with confidence and avoid a lot of the gimmicks used by other guys, you'll stand from the crowd. By being forward and honest, you'll impress her with straightforward manner. 4) Cocky/Funny method- Being cocky/funny is an incredible way to meet and attract women. Pioneered by seduction guru David DeAngelo, this method involves approaching a woman in a slightly arrogant manner while attempting to make her laugh.

The purpose behind this method is to build yourself up as a prize that she has to earn and you're using every opportunity to tease her. It's a useful technique because you're not being obvious about picking her up. Instead you're just having a conversation where the goal is to make her laugh. While funny pick up lines may make her laugh, they're not a great way to initiate a conversation with a woman. Instead of using them you should look for better ways to approach her. So next time you try to meet a woman, use one of these four methods that I described in this article.

You'll discover they're much more effecting then using funny pick up lines.

Most guys can't get laid! While it's important to learn about funny pick up lines and conversation starters, there is a lot more to know about attracting and bedding women! Just take a look at Scott Patterson's FREE ebook: Seduction Secrets...Revealed! to learn how YOU can master the art of seduction!

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