Over Ordering not a bad idea

One of the most frustrating occurrences when it comes to wedding invitations is when the Bride and Groom run short of invites when sending them out. Almost every bride and groom will tell you that somehow during the planning that the guest list seems to mysteriously grow. The list of people to invite always seems to get bigger the closer you get to the wedding date.

This is a very common phenomenon and getting caught short of invitations can leave you scrambling at the last minute. It is never a bad idea to over order invitations from the original amount that you anticipate ordering. With that being said it is critical to make this decision to over order now.

Why? Because it's cheaper. Almost all invitation companies have a minimum order of invites. In most cases the minimum order is twenty-five invitations.

The following (fig. A) will give you a typical price structure for quantities and price. Quantity 25 Invites 50 75 100 125 150 Add'l 25 Price 122.10 137.70 153.

30 168.90 206.90 244.

90 38.00 Notice that after 150 invitations ordered that the price becomes $38.00 per additional 25. Now let us say for example that you initially want to order 150 invitations. Your price would be $244.

90. But now you are thinking that you should order an extra twenty five just in case the guest list goes up or you make a mistake addressing a few of the invitations. So you decide to order 175 invitations just to be safe. The price now becomes 282.90.

The price went up but at least you know you have extra invitations if you need them and it only cost you $38.00 extra dollars. No let us take the other scenario. You want to keep things in your budget and not spend any extra money you don't have to. So you order 150 invites at $244.

90 and hope that it will cover you. You assume that if you need extra invites that you can always reorder 25 more from the dealer at the price of only $38.00 for the additional 25. Unfortunately this is not how it works. Once your initial order is placed any reorders start back at the original minimum price. In this case a reorder of 25 invitations would cost you $122.

10. Because of this fact it is highly recommended that if you are anticipating a last minute surge in the guest list or possible mistakes during the addressing stage that you order an extra 25 invites with your initial order. This will lock in the additional 25 prices of $38.00. www.weddinginvitationsdepot.


This article was written by Steve Bergeron. Steve Bergeron is the owner of Wedding Invitations Depot and runs Bandstand Music (a mobile DJ business in Omaha Nebraska). Steve Bergeron has been selling invitations and providing his DJ service for weddings since 1990. To contact Steve: Bandstand Music 8268 Hascall Street Suite 2B Omaha, NE 68124 www.bandstandmusic.com / www.weddinginvitationsdepot.com / (402) 393-5414

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