PROFNET WIRE: ENTERTAINMENT & LIVING: Online Dating1. APRIL MASINI, relationship expert, author and advice columnist for ASKAPRIL.COM, LLC: "Once a refuge for the socially inept and desperate, advertising yourself and searching for Mr. or Mrs. 'Right' without ever leaving your computer is now a way of life for singles of all ages, persuasions, levels of attractiveness and financial status. Why? Advantages, like the all-important delete button. We may all wish we had one in 'real life,' but the only place you can actually edit yourself is online. Access -- immediate and 24/7 real-time dating doesn't allow you to date 30 people a night, and online dating does.

Affordability -- $25 a month allows you to meet hundreds of potential dates. Anonymity -- cyber-connecting allows you to be as honest, or as dishonest, as you like. Both a business and social phenomenon, it's revolutionized dating and forever changed the way we meet and mate." Masini: april@askapril.com (8/12/05)

2. KATHLEEN ROLDAN, dating expert/spokesperson for MATCH.COM, has been working with the online dating site since 1999 and is frequently contacted as a resource about the single dating experience. She can provide information about the latest in dating trends and technology and insight into the attitudes and perceptions of today's single people as they date and relate. Roldan has been quoted in national and regional media outlets, including AP, Reuters, USA Today, Us Weekly, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Seattle Times and San Francisco Chronicle, as well as television and radio appearances, including "The Other Half," "Soap Talk," the Food Network and TechTV. Roldan is based in San Francisco, where Match.com launched on the Web in 1995. Roldan: kathleen.roldan@match.com Phone: +1-415-913-3136 (8/12/05)

3. KRISTIN KELLY, dating expert/spokesperson for MATCH.COM, brings to bear the collective and extensive knowledge of the behaviors and attitudes of single people, both online and offline, based on Match.com research and data compiled during the past decade. For example, Kelly can tell you if tattoos will make you a more popular date in Chicago, the percent of younger men who would like to date older women or if gentlemen really do prefer blondes. She can provide advice, insight and commentary about why people fall in love, how people love or obstacles they face while in love. Kelly is frequently sought out and quoted by major outlets around the country, including CNN, UPI, Business Week Online, "Good Morning America," "Fox & Friends," Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News and Star Magazine. News Contact: Kathleen Roldan, kathleen.roldan@match.com Phone: +1-415-913-3136 (8/12/05)


1. FAMILY ISSUES: CHALLENGE YOUR FAMILY TO EAT TOGETHER. KERI WILLENBORG, co-founder of SUPPER THYME USA and mother of five, can discuss the advantages of eating dinner as a family: "National Eat Dinner Together Week is coming up. Here's the challenge: eat dinner together as a family for one whole week. It's not as easy as most think. Studies have shown that when we eat together as a family unit, we eat healthier and communicate better with others. Also, people who eat dinner at home are twice as likely to eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day. If parents could sit down and see what their kids are eating for dinner, childhood obesity levels would surely drop." News Contact: Jodi Hoatson, jodih@ervinandsmith.com Phone: +1-402-829-8044 (8/12/05)

2. RELATIONSHIPS: EMOTIONAL INFIDELITY AND EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIRS. RUTH HOUSTON, infidelity expert, author of "Is He Cheating on You? 829 Telltale Signs" and founder of INFIDELITYADVICE.COM: "Jennifer Aniston's Vanity Fair interview has focused attention on emotional infidelity or emotional cheating, as it's sometimes called. Inappropriate friendships with members of the opposite sex can lead to emotional infidelity, which often precedes sexual infidelity. I accurately labeled the Brad-Angelina relationship as emotional infidelity in January when the rumors first began and predicted that, left unchecked, it would undermine Pitt and Aniston's marriage. It can happen to any couple." Houston can discuss how emotional infidelity develops, how to recognize it and how to keep it from becoming an extramarital affair. She has been quoted in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Newsday, First, MSN Lifestyle and others. Houston: ruthhouston@gmail.com Phone: +1-718-592-6039 (8/12/05)

3. TRAVEL: FRESH-PICKED TRAVEL IN WEST MICHIGAN. CHRISTA HUGHES, marketing and media director for THE WEST MICHIGAN TOURIST ASSOCIATION, which can help travelers plan a visit to one of the many West Michigan farms, U- picks and markets: "August is a prime time for West Michigan farm-fresh produce, and this region offers plenty of opportunities to find fresh fruits and vegetables in our backyard. Local farms, U-picks and specialty markets are soon to be overflowing with the summer bounty.