Radar Distance Learning Tracking Your Flight Path to Success

A radar distance learning program needs to be approved by the FAA to have value. There is a big demand for radar operators and technicians in the military, as well as in the civilian world. The majority of civilian air traffic controllers are employed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). In the military, radar operators are responsible for determining the position of ships, tracking aircraft and missiles, directing artillery fire, forecasting the weather and aiding navigation.

Radar operators also play a very important role as civilian air traffic controllers, ship navigators and service technicians. To become an FAA air traffic controller, you need to be a US citizen and be less than 30 years of age. It helps if your high school subjects included science, algebra and geometry. A radar distance learning program from a college that is not approved by the FAA may not have much value.

Training The military provides classroom training as well as on the job training to help you to operate and maintain the equipment, identify aircraft, missiles, ships and submarines. You are also taught to compute the direction, speed and altitude of an aircraft, or missile. At present, the FAA hires people who have graduated from 14 approved schools across the US. The list of approved schools is available on the FAA website, as well as on the on the website of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA). The FAA-approved colleges may not provide radar distance learning programs. After enrolling in an FAA-accredited program, students must take the FAAs authorized pre-employment test.

You must receive a qualifying score in the FAA-approved pre-employment test, complete the FAA-approved program and receive an official school recommendation, to be eligible for employment by the FAA. FAA-Approved Courses Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology has formed a partnership with the FAA, which is called the Air Traffic Control - Collegiate Training Initiative program. This program is meant to academically prepare students who are interested in a career in air traffic control. The Department of Aviation at Hampton University offers a Bachelor of Science Degree program in Air Traffic Control. This is one of the programs that have been approved by the FAA.

A radar distance learning program that is not approved by the FAA may not help you to find employment as an air traffic controller. So be sure to find out if the one you are interested in has such approval. If it is approved, investigate it further to determine whether it meets your other needs as well.

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