Secrets to Reading the Body Language of Women

For single guys, trying to meet woman can be a very frustrating process. Even if we go to the right places and find interesting girls, it still can be difficult due to the fact that guys have to be the ones who initiate a conversation. Making the first move can be quite intimidating due to the fact that many guys don't know what to say or how to start talking to women. Even worse, a lot of guys are unsure if a girl will be interested in them. But if you become a master at reading the body language of women, you can avoid that initial uneasiness and have the confidence to approach women. So what is body language? Basically body language is the collection of traits and behavior that all people give off which indicates our conscious (and sub-conscious) feelings.

By paying attention to the body language of a woman, you'll be able to tell if she wants you to talk to her. Having this knowledge will make approaching her that much easier. So when you locate a girl that you are interested in, take a look at her body language and pay attention to these three indicators of interest: 1) Eye Contact Before even talking to a woman, try to make direct eye contact with her.

Often you'll see her looking away quickly and then glancing back at you. If she holds your eye contact, then that is a definite indicator that she has an interest in you. In addition, when she knows that you're looking at her, study how she interacts with her friends and environment. Try to find anything that indicates a level of nervousness.

This shows that she is attracted to you and is having trouble composing herself. 2) Touching Her Hair For some mysterious reason, women show their interest in a guy by playing with their hair. By watching how she touches her hair, you'll find out her level of interest. Once you make eye contact, study how she touches her hair. The first thing you should look for is if she flips her hair. If you see her toss her hair from one side to the other and then looks directly at you, this indicates that she has some level of desire for you and would like you to engage her in a conversation.

Some other hair indicators can include caressing her hair as she talks to her friends or twirling hair around her finger. If you see these actions coupled with looks in your direction, then you're being sent a subtle message. 3) Pointing Her Body Towards You A powerful way to find out if a woman likes you is to watch how she positions her body after making initial eye contact. If she positions her body in your general direction, then this shows she is attracted to you. When studying her, you are basically looking for certain indicators which demonstrate a subconscious desire for you to talk to her. Some gestures can include: - Feet pointing towards you - Exposing her wrists in your direction - Widening her legs If you see any maneuver from a woman which indicates an "opening up", she is telling you that she is attracted and wants you to initiate a conversation.

By paying attention to the body language of women, you can find out their level of desire without even speaking a word. If you're the shy type, then this is a great way to build confidence before making your first move. So next time you're looking for women, take some time to check out what they are saying to you without speaking a word.

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