Unique Wedding Favors Series Personalized Cosmopolitan and Margarita Cocktail Mixes

A great wedding favor is more than just a memento. It should captivate and invigorate the senses of your guests and bring them back to the enjoyment of your festive day. Personalized cosmopolitan and margarita cocktail mixes beautifully printed with your names and wedding date are the latest trend in favor gift giving. Theses packets of sensory pleasure give your guests a feeling of whimsical enjoyment that they associate with your wedding and your new life. Packaged margarita and cosmopolitan mixes, sealed in white glossy packaging and printed with beautiful pastel imagery make for a wonderful sensory favor idea. Dry packaged cocktail mixes seal in a freshness and flavor that is unparallel to liquid mixes that require preservatives with distinctive aftertastes to stay fresh.

Foil sealed dry mixes give your guests a succulent, fresh taste up until your one-year anniversary. Try including an elegantly printed scroll with the history of the mixed drink to add dimension and significance to your wedding favor. The history and combinations of mixed drinks are very often symbolic of marriage itself.

The margarita, originally concocted in Mexico, combines the course and fiery spirit of tequila made from the blue agave plant with sweet fruit juice to create a perfect union of tasteful pleasure. Mixed drinks, cocktails, and martinis have a rich social and cultural significance throughout time and culture. Cocktails have long been the focal point of social affairs and the martini culture is on the rise again among young adults. The cosmopolitan is a stylish and modern martini served in a cocktail glass made from vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice.

When your guests take home this delectable drink mix favor, they can relive the pleasure, fun, and carefree enjoyment of your wedding all over again. Customize the packaging on your cocktail mix favors with your own message and with a color scheme compliments your wedding theme. Whether an elegant floral design with your message etched in flowing calligraphy or a fun and whimsical illustration, choose a packaging that reminds your guests of the colors and feel of your union before they even take their first delectable sip. When choosing party favors, pick favor gifts that evoke as many sensory joys as possible. Give back to the guests who shower you with gifts, love, and laughter with a delicious mixed drink that they can take home and enjoy at their own leisure while reminiscing about your special day.

The author is a freelance copywriter. To find cocktail mix wedding favors for your special day, try www.PWPOnline.com. This site offers a wide variety of wedding favors.

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